Custom Designed Jewelry

Jupiter Jewelry, Inc. uses the lost wax process of creating a unique and individual piece of jewelry for you. To start the custom design process, we use your pictures, sketches, or examples to design the piece of jewelry. The jeweler then hand carves out of wax the custom piece of jewelry. If the piece is very intricate we can utilize CAD/CAM technology to design and carve exact pieces and then finish by hand.

When the wax piece is finished, it is attached to a support and then a mixture called investment (similar to plaster of paris) is poured around it. When the investment is hardened, it is then heated to a high temperature and the wax is melted out of the investment leaving a negative image in the mold. The metal is then melted and forced into the void. The piece is then set with stones (if any), and finished with sanding wheels and buffing to bring it to a high polish mirror finish.

A custom piece of fine jewelry is a true work of art, and most special because it was made just for you!